Q What is The Everest Equity Company?
  A The Everest Equity Company is a registered mortgage broker operating primarily in the states of New York and New Jersey. We may also broker loans in Connecticut, North Carolina, and Florida. A team of experienced, professional loan officers and support personnel look forward to serving you.
  Q Why would I use a mortgage brokerage firm instead of a bank to obtain a loan?
  A There are many advantages to working with a company dedicated to one task only- your mortgage loan. We have long-term relationships with hundreds of lenders across the United States, giving us access to mortgage programs that are not available through your conventional bank. This affords us the opportunity to compare mortgage rates offered by many sources. Our objective is to deliver the best loan for you at the lowest possible interest rate, while giving you the smoothest mortgage experience.
  Q I've already contacted my bank. They say I don't qualify for a mortgage. How can you help me?
  A That situation is very common. Even if your bank has turned you down or told you that you do not qualify, we can help!  Does your credit score, income, assets, or appraised value disqualify you from obtaining a mortgage?   With our diversity of loan products, we will customize a solution for you.
  Q I don't know one mortgage from another. Fixed, adjustable, three-year, five-year, interest-only. How do I choose?
  A That's what we're here for. We will review and analyze your individual situation, explain the loan options to you and assist you in choosing the ideal mortgage program to suit your lifestyle.
  Q Will I have to pay points?
  A We will discuss pricing options with you and help you decide if paying points is right for you. The decision may depend on the length of time you intend to keep your property, and how much you can potentially save on your monthly payments by electing to pay the point(s).
  Q How quickly can I close?
  A We are experts at streamlining the loan process. Tell us when you need to close- we can usually find a way to work within your time frame. With your cooperation, it is not unusual for us to handle a loan transaction from start to finish in as little as 30 days.
  Q How do I start the process?
  A It's easy. Just call us at The Everest Equity Company. We'll begin immediately. Contact us by phone at 800.923.0031 or email us at info@everestequity.com

We invite you to experience The Everest Equity Company.

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